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Wisdom shining, always unobscured

Rigpa is an international Buddhist community founded by H.E. Sogyal Rinpoche that offers authentic Buddhist teachings and a clear path to enlightenment.


“Everything we do is towards this goal:
The enlightenment of all beings”.

Rigpa is dedicated to bring all beings to the ultimate happiness of the awakened state of enlightenment.


The purpose of Rigpa is to provide an authentic Buddhist education for the modern world:

  • to preserve, uphold, practise and transmit the Buddhist teachings - especially Tibet’s Ngagyur Nyingma lineage and in particular the teachings of Vajrayana and Dzogpachenpo - for those who choose to follow a complete, graduated spiritual path; and
  • to work for greater well-being in society and demonstrate how this wisdom of Buddha, with its ancient roots, and its practices of meditation and compassion, can help and transform modern society through its impact on individuals.

Rigpa’s Approach

The Tibetan word rigpa means natural, pristine awareness. Rigpa is dedicated to helping individuals, young and old, to realize this innermost nature of mind.

Since 1972, through courses, events and publications such as The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, Rigpa has helped millions of people to apply the compassion and wisdom of the Buddhist teachings to their lives.

Rigpa is part of the Nyingma(Ancient) School of Tibetan Buddhism, founded by Padmasambhava in the eighth century, and in particular the lineage of the Longchen Nyingtik and teachings of the “Great Perfection”, Dzogpachenpo, as upheld by Sogyal Rinpoche. Rigpa’s responsibility is to continue to maintain the practice and transmission of this dynamic, unbroken, living lineage of Wisdom, for the generations of the future.

Rigpa maintains the spirit of non-sectarian open-mindedness of the Rimé tradition, as exemplified in Tibet by the great 20th century Khyentse lineage master Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö. It invites teachers from all Buddhist schools and lineages, and promotes dialogue between the ancient tradition of wisdom and non-Buddhist faiths, science, medicine and other fields of human enquiry.

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